Master of Landscaping: Petition Recognition Own Degree

This blog was born around the Master de Jardineria y Paisajismo (Master of gardening and landscaping) of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and again return to him to spread our petition for recognition of own degree.

This Master has become official two courses ago, following the rules fixing the Bologna Process. Before this, there were many graduates of the previous 15 editions that got the own degree of the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.
Graduates from this own degree do not have the ability to get the official one unless to study the official master, being practically the same syllabus.

That is why we ask the rector of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid through this form a procedure to facilitate the access of graduates of the Master of landscaping to the official Master degree , by recognizing credits from Own degree.

In this form, you can get more information and sign the petition(in Spanish): Request form for own degree recognition .

Thank you very much for helping us achieve this.

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